one one 2011

January 1, 2011

happy new year !
hoping that all my stalkers will be more happier, more succesful than last year :)

okayy, today activities :
1. sarapan with my mum, siblings and cousin
2. playing psp with my gemokk. huhh, game tennis . and as always, i'm lose. haha, nevermind. nanty kakak balas dendam :PP
3. tolong ibu masak mee sup. haha, tolong potong sayur ajee, ngee
4. masak mee pedas. i masak sendiri okayy. sumpahh pedas gilee. :DD
5. blogging (time nie laa)
6. chit chat with my aunts and uncle. da lamee tak lepak bersamee. woohoo !

smile always peeps :))

enjoy listening (: