May 20, 2011

whoahh ! i think it's been a month or perhaps more i didn't update this blogg. kindaa miss it i guess, that's why i'm fuckingg rajin to update it. bhaha :D nothingg much to say i guess. yeahh ! i have been busyy latelyy. BUSY preparingg for my studyy. i'm going to negeri sembilann, tak jauhh kann ? but pedalaman tuhh babee. bt it's better than sarawak kott. haaaa tuh lagyy pedalamann, jangan cakapp. really gonna miss my bantal busukkk !! teeeettt ! bhahaha :D yeahh, i'm going to miss JB so muchh thoughh.

and awak awak awak awak dan awakkk, i'm sorry. i'm not type of girl that fuckinggg easy to fall in love. serikk kot, maybee. ntaa lahh, just i'm scared to fall in love with a wrongg guyyy. maybe. hati aku macam tak bolehh nak go ahh. tapi sumpahh macam kesian kat awak awak awak awakk nie pown adee. ngekk kann, bhahahaha. bt papepown, aku sayangg korangg dohh. bt as a friend lahhh. thankiess guys :)

enjoy listening (: