October 22, 2010

i'm now sweet seventeen :)
21 octo 2010, genap 17 !

sangatt seronokk !
i've got so many wishes from my beloved friends :)
thanks guys ! love yaa,
takk lupe jugakk pada teachers and my families yg wish, thank youu so much !
gonna celebrate it dis saturday ! hopefully :)

thanks pada yg give me present ! its so awesome, veryy appreciate it.
shea, azhif, thanks again fr the luvly present :)

well, cmlm dpt free call.
so i'm not wasting dis oppurtunity.
i've called so so so many people :)
thanks kowg cbb angkat my phone call. bukann selalu kann aten call, hee :)

palingg seronok cmlm,
i call him ! ohh my god !
perasaan yg superb ! takk leyy nk express what actually i'm feel dat time.
terpegun sekejap dgr suare iye. umm, da lame takk dgr suare iye kann. so, yeahh ! seronokk !!

haishh, tersangat rindu waktu dulu :)
i cant stopp loving him, i just want him backk. ohh please !
bt pape pown, its the best bufdae ever !

wanna say thanks to zack,
thanks cbb complete n lighten up my dae. even just fr one dae, its feel so great !
until now i still cant forget it. i will keep your words in my mind. i wish youu know what i'm feel. i still love youu, i miss youu so damn much. haihh,

not to forget, thanks to hamdan !
thanks oke cbb encourage me to call him :)
thanks cbb telling me bout him, thanks cbb sudi dgr luahan hati ini.
just pls, jage iye fr me. :)

enjoy listening (: