bad, happy, all things in one

October 18, 2010

lame da takk update blog nie. RINDU :)
well, there so many things had happened for the last few weeks. there's bad and there's happy.

first thing,
i'm already break with him. he's dump me oke. he did !
umm, mmg sdey yg teramat. bt nak wt cmne, lyfe must go on. let bygone be bygone :)
so weird dat i cant hate him even for a little. haishh, weirdo. haha,
people around me said, i should hate him ! hate him aten !
bt yeah, i said dat i hate him, really hate him ! bt tuhan je yg tao pe yg aten rase dalam hati nie.
it really hard for me to hate the person dat i love and care bout :)
i'll stick to syafiq zainuddin words : nak suke + sayangg sumone tuhh senang je, tapi bile nakk lupe kann sumone tuhh mmg susa. thanks babe :)

i'm happy to be single rite now. i got my superb besties yg support me, encourage me, and always be with me through my difficult time. it's just so awesome to be with them ! to hang together ! it's just you guys the best besties ever !
just want you guys to know dat i'm really love you guys :)

lilid, anje and myself da baek da ngn mida. it's feel great ! no masam masam muke lagyy, bt still yeah, its hard to be lyke normal as usual. we still have a gap with her. tapi, were friends oke.

HJ. haha, rase nye my besties je yg tao kott. well, i'm kinda lyke dat boy. SDJ laa.
same age, lyke to sing in class, sensitive person, kind, also a caring person :) nice to know you oke HJ.

i think cmpy sini je.
to azhif, anje, sheera, indra, epul, lilid, fakhri ! thanks guys, for the photo snap dat we had together, its so awesome ! :)

enjoy listening (: