December 13, 2010

i just cant take it anymore !

why you came to me babe ? you know what, my life just turn upside down after you came and texts me.

i dont want to make you feel worse bt this is what i feel.

my heart completely mess up right now,

you really make me remember him again, remember all memories that i created with him.

its do feel sucks babe.

just please, i'm begging you babe.

please back off from my life okayy, i just dont wanna go through that same situation anymore,

i just cant do it anymore,

enough i go through it once,


this pain really hurts and take time to heal,

so please, please back off okayy.

just go and live your happy life with him,

i'm sorry, bt i really cant handle it.

i'm sorry :(

enjoy listening (: