it is for u bie :)

July 26, 2010


* muhammad zaierrey azrriq
* 13 octo 93
* seorang yg talkative bt when he's not in the mood, he'll be keep silent.
* he do lyke music, lyke to make friends wit others, very easy to get along.
* seorang yg bercita2 besaa, tersangat obsessed ngn kucing, vespa, nikon D90 n chocs.
* seorang yg keras kepale, temper, n supaadupaatrupaa jeles.
* dia juga seorang yg penyayang, penting an kawan2, caring, ego, romantik, gila, sewel, pelik !
* he do lyke rainbow so much ! he once said 'its weird u know how they can produce multipe colour at the same time'
* his mumy called him people from the 60's. haha ! cbb dia suke cgt vintage n classic stuff.
* aten suke cgt ejek dia gemokk bt act he's not. haha !
* he's my ironman, my garu, my cookie monster, my danny phantom, my dear, my hunny, my darl, my hubby and a lot more !! just wanna you to know dat i love you so fucking damn much zaierrey azrriq !! :)

enjoy listening (: